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14b Railroad Ave
(14 South Railroad Ave for GPS)
Babylon Village NY 11702


Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday CLOSED For catering orders call 631-332-1677
Thursday 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00pm - 9:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Catering available 7 days a week

Have a table like this at your next event. 
Your guests will be amazed as we decorate
cupcakes and samples right before your eyes.

When it comes to catering the choice is yours. choose from one of
 our 45 different cupcakes that are available daily or you can sit
 down with us and go over custom ideas. We cater small and
 large weddings year long both as favors & dessert.

Party Favors

 All Holidays


 Baby Shower


 Block Parties


 Corporate Events



 Sweet Sixteen


 Bridal Shower

 Sunday Dinner

 Any Party Any Day!!!!

Ask about about our craft parties at our store or in your home!!! 

 Fresh Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Limited Supplies Daily Call In Your Order

For those of you who can't have Gluten,
Gluten Free
Cupcakes Available
These cupcakes are made in a different location
with no chance of cross contamination.
These cupcakes are normal size not large like the ones we make.
$3.80 Each

Our 45 Standard Cupcake Flavors
All Cupcakes are very big,
Starting at $3.25 and up.

Princess Pull-A-Part Cupcake Cake

Cannoli Pull-A-Part Cupcake Cake



Wedding Dress



A.G.'s Cupcakery & Coffee Bar

Our Cupcakes are 4oz and up these are large, moist and scrumptious!!

Red Velvet
(Cream Cheese Frosting)
Carrot Cake
White Chocolate Carrot on top
(Cream Cheese Frosting)
Wedding High Heal
Call for Pricing  
Chocolate Cannoli (Filling)
Rainbow Cookie (Filling)

Charlie Brown

Butter Finger
Peanut Butter Cup (Filling)
Reese Pieces
4 Different

Oreo Mint
Chocolate Chip
Pumpkin Spice
Maple Walnut
  Strawberry Shortcake
Almond Joy
  Bavarian Cream

New and Custom Flavors Always Available



Iced Coffee

Over 40 Coffee Flavors
Freshly Brewed just for you,
just ask...
We now have 16 oz Paper Coffee Cups

Call ahead to have your favorite coffee ready when you arrive


Apple Strudel
Autumn Delight
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Raspberry
Coffee Cake
Colombian Decaf
Creme Brulee
Decaf Chocolate Raspberry
Decaf Hazelnut
Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut
French Caramel Cream
French Roast
French Vanilla
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Icing on The Cake
Irish Cream
Macadamia Nut
Peach Berry Smash
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Spice
Red Velvet
Spring Delight
Toasted Almond
Toasted Coconut Almond
Vanilla Caramel
Vanilla Hazelnut
Vanilla Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Toasted Almond
Vanilla Toasted Coconut


Tea Flavors

Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Green Tea
Black Cherry Berry Decaf
Chamomile Decaf
Cinnamon Apple Spice Decaf
Lemon Zinger Decaf
Lipton  Decaf
Orange Spice Decaf
Peppermint Decaf
Red Berry Zinger Decaf
Red Zinger Decaf

Ice Cream

Birthday Cake
Coffee Mud Pie
Cookies and Cream


Vanilla Carmel Pretzel Swirl




Yelp Review's

I love cupcakes, and i must say they have got it right! so moist so scrumptious! They have about 15-20 flavors and they are levels above crumbs.  they have a samoa cupcake, a nod to the girl scout cookie, cannoli, hostess, butter finger, carrot, etc.  I think the red velvet is the best!  Don't hesitate to visit this place who serves heaven wrapped in a cupcake liner!

Colette G.
5 of 5 stars
Copiague, NY

I have been to A.G.'s Cupcakery several times. This is by far my favorite place for cupcakes!
I've tried the Nutella, Oreo, and regular chocolate and vanilla. All of them were so very delicious! My favorite is the nutella. Yum. :) The coffee there is also very good. They have all different flavors to choose from. I like the blueberry coffee a lot.
The owners are so helpful and friendly. If you are in the area, definitely stop by!

Laura K
5 of 5 stars
West Islip, NY

I sample a lot of cupcakes, and I got to say I really enjoyed these. Moist, HUGE, but yummy, the icing had just the right amount of sweetness as well. We tried a bunch of different flavors. By far the best flavors were the cannoli cupcake which was very expensive being it was made with fresh cannoli cream and it was pretty big. Out other favorite was the rainbow cookie cupcake! I usually do not like big cupcakes because they are usually never moist. However I would definitely comeback here for the cannoli cupcake again!  Wow !!!! You have to try the Nutella cupcake need I say more ... They said they closed at 10pm we walked in at 10:30 and business was still going strong :)

Gina Marie B.
4 of 5 stars
Plainview, NY

Wow !!!! You have to try the Nutella cupcake need I say more ... They said they closed at 10pm we walked in at 10:30 and business was still going strong :)

Holly C.'s
5 of 5 stars
Lindenhurst, NY


These cupcakes are amazing. This is one of my go to places if I need a cupcake and it's very convenient for me. They have huge cupcakes similar to crumb's. So far I've gone three times, once to try them and bring home cupcakes to my husband and my mother-in-law, another time to pick up a cupcake for my friend's birthday (since she's a major cupcake fan) and most recently yesterday to pick up cupcakes to bring to a New Year's Eve celebration. The manager of the store was super helpful when I called. He took an order over the phone and it was packed up and ready for me when I walked into the store. He also worked out a package for me based on the budget I wanted to spend, he made sure to include cupcakes that when individually priced would meet the price I gave him over the phone.


4 of 5 stars
Diana Q.
Babylon, NY

I was stuck for baby shower favors two hours before the shower. The staff was wonderful. They were able to fill an order of 40 in less than an hour and a half. The cupcakes were excellent. I will definitely be going back!


5 of 5 stars
Valerie T.
West Babylon, NY


I have visited a lot of cupcake shops bc I absolutely love cupcakes and this one is prob one of the best I've ever been too. Its a very small quant shop on a side block in Babylon but it holds a secret, the best most moist cupcakes. I tried the cannoli cupcake and was so pleasantly surprised at how moist and fresh it was. The frosting was piped into the middle so when you bit into the cupcake you got an extra surprise. Plus the cupcakes were so big my friend and I both shared it and then she went back in and bought another to take home for later!
This place is def a gem!!!


5 of 5 stars
Loren B.
Here I am!!

Supper Page Review's

Tried the vegan cupcakes, they were all really good, but the carrot were amazing! They are smaller than the regular cupcakes and only seem to come in red velvet, carrot, chocolate, and vanilla but they are worth it, especially if you're looking for a place to have a snack with gluten-free or vegan friends.

4 of 5 stars
Aug 20, 2012
by anonymous

A.G.'s is the best cupcakery around. I travel 20 miles just to buy my cupcakes from them. Their cupcakes are delicious, well priced, and worth traveling the distance. Their custom orders are beautiful and their staff is friendly and super accommodating. You won't be disappointed! We won't get our cupcakes from anyone else.

5 of 5 stars
Mar 28, 2012

Love these cupcakes! Not only are they delicious, but they look great, too! The staff was courteous and helpful in my decision process (so much to choose from!) Truly happy that I stopped in, and that this shop is so close to home! Will definitely be heading back!

5 of 5 stars
Mar 15, 2012


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